Qatar Professional Women’s Network (QPWN)


Qatar Professional Women’s Network (QPWN) was launched in February 2010, hosting its first public events in May 2010. QPWN is one of the leading platforms for professional women in Qatar. We implement a range of initiatives and programs to promote and facilitate the professional development and advancement of all women in Qatar, in full support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

QPWN is a multi-cultural and professionally diverse organization. Our associates come from across the globe and from a wide range of professional backgrounds from engineers to doctors, to executive assistants to teachers, to consultants to financial experts. We are not an expat-only organization and are proud that Qatari women support our association and gain as much knowledge and opportunity as our expatriate audience.

QPWN has developed a very focused strategy to support our associates and have a three-tiered approach comprising; monthly networking events, mentoring program, and an active communication program via our social media sites focused on broadening our professional knowledge and boost our confidence.