Business Women of Egypt 21 Association BWE21


Business Women of Egypt 21 Association BWE21, a self-financed nonprofit NGO that seeks to create a stimulating Ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to help start and grow their business.
BWE21 was established in 1998, concerned with making a difference in the Egyptian economy, with 450+ Businesswomen members. 98% of which are SMEs, 2% are large companies, 40% are Women on Board, 50% are Manufacturers, and 50% are Service Providers, with 30K hired Employees & Workers, out of which 70% are women, and a total of EGP4 Billion turnover.
BWE21 members are divided into 11 sectors/industries, taking into consideration the Global Industry Classification Standard GICS for Sectors. We succeeded in building the first database for women entrepreneurs in Egypt.