Blake Wilkinson

Blockchain, Crypto-Asset & Technology Business Development Specialist, Infinity Resource, United States

Blockchain, Crypto-Asset & Technology Business Development Specialist focused on connecting the Dots, Analyzing Influencing, and Preparing strategic action. Blake excels in Lobbying for organizations and Long term Partnerships by focusing on the Win-Win scenario. Blake Wilkinson was born into the world of technology and was able to test some of the early technology through IBM and Dell Inc as a child. Blake has learned from notable figures such as Alan J.Krowe, former CFO of IBM and Texico. Blake’s curiosity regarding Blockchain came from his connection to Dell Inc. in 2013 (when they start accepting bitcoin to buy their machines). Blake has been involved in blockchain technology since 2016 and first purchased ETH at 14$. Blake has an Executive business architecture consulting background and has helped in the creation of multiple startups. Blake’s outside-of-the-box thinking through his creative analytical understanding of human dynamics has helped to provide direction for the future development of those he has worked with. Blake started his career learning executive decision-making at Caplan Point Labs working as an executive intern in Chennai India. After his BSBA at Appalachian State University, he went into consulting, focusing on Venture Capital, business development, technology development, and executive decision-making. Blake spent 2 years learning and implementing a company’s IPO. Blake has also worked on projects with Kurt Warner, Guy Shalem, Greg Louganis, and other notable names in the sports and entertainment industry throughout the course of his career. In 2021 Blake went full force into Blockchain and has consulted and advised for various projects in the space. Blake is constantly learning everything new in what’s coming for the future world adoption of Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Blake’s main goal is to help facilitate growth and economic development by connecting like-minded individuals for the common good. “My goals are to assist the growth and economic development in the field of Finance, AI, Blockchain, IoT, NFT, the Metaverse, and Quantum Computing by bringing together like-minded people to foster the growth of the new world that upholds higher integrity, security, and validity.”