Who is Who International Academy & Awards (WIWIAA)


Who is Who International Academy & Awards (WIWIAA) is an International Institution of Friendship, Unity and Volunteerism!

And at the same time, a social enterprise (Civil Non-Profit Organization) with the aim that our corporate actions contribute in creating a Better Society both for our members themselves, the families of our members but also the society as a whole and the friends of the Institution.

Who is Who International Academy & Awards (WIWIAA)” organizes every year the Black Tie & Red-Carpet Gala Dinner in Athens, the “Who is Who International Awards “Greece, a Whole World!

The said Awards are the reason for everyone to liaise diplomatically, professionally, through business, social, interpersonal and transnational agreements or connectivity. As Social Impactors we create a solid and durable Reference Community associated with Quality, Excellence and the Offer to Fellow Man and Volunteerism -the building of a better Community.

Prominent global personalities are going to be awarded as are personalities from Greece. Together they will become Brand Ambassadors of our country!