Dr. Jonida Bou Dib

Chief Executive Officer, LIQUIDLOOP, Germany

Dr. Jonida, a passionate and lifelong learner driven by an insatiable eagerness for knowledge. Armed with a Ph.D. in development economics and over 10 years of rich experience, Jonida is a Senior Research Consultant specializing in quantitative and behavioral research.

Jonida's expertise extends to individual and team Hogan assessment, competency mapping, and the development of team reports based on psychometric scales and profiles. With a knack for training and managing multicultural teams, Jonida has successfully contributed to diverse projects in both the private and public sectors.

A distinguished consultant, Jonida has collaborated with renowned organizations, including UNHCR, UNIDO, UNICEF India, Vodafone UK & Global, Nokia, Barclays, and many more. Her commitment lies in assisting clients with talent acquisition, executive development, and team performance improvement.

With a solid background in development economics, Jonida possesses the confidence and skills necessary to navigate complex research environments. Her abilities include data management and analysis, survey development and implementation, and the design of scientific reports. A detailed-oriented and analytical thinker, Jonida excels in problem-solving, turning data into valuable information that facilitates infprmed decision-making for organizations.

Jonida's specialties encompass Hogan Assessments scales/data analysis, behavioral research, competency mapping, team aggregate reports, impact assessment, project management, and client engagement activities. Her key competencies include research and data analytics, detailed-oriented problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, creativity, and project management. Jonida is well-versed in various technologies such as Microsoft Office, STATA, SPSS, R, SQL, Tableau, SurveyCTO, and project management tools like ASANA, Trello, Jira, and Smartsheet. Additionally, she is proficient in Audacity, Adobe Photoshop, and Movavi.

Operating with methodologies such as Agile and SCRUM, Jonida is not just a consultant but a versatile professional who transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and success.