Dennis Fandrich

Managing Director, EITEP Institute, Germany

Dennis got his master's degree (Diplom-Geograph) in geography from the Leibniz University of Hannover with majors in spatial planning and economics. He made his first steps with international project management and marketing during his time at Hannover Fairs Asia in Singapore and joined the EITEP Institute in 2003. As project manager he was involved in the conceptual design, marketing, sales and organization of different international conferences, exhibitions and seminars in Bahrain, China, Tunisia and Germany. He is editor-in-chief of the Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj) and host of the Virtual Pipeline Summit (VPS) series of online events. From the very beginning in 2006 he is part of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) organizing team and since 2019 chairman of the ptc coordinating the international ptc advisory committee. Dennis is part of the management board of the EITEP Institute since beginning of 2022.